Os 5 maiores erros que as fábricas de embalagem cometem ao analisar o OEE

OEE + Fabricantes de embalagens + Desafios Todo gerente de produção está familiarizado com OEE (uma abreviação para a métrica de fabricação "Overall Equipment Effectiveness") e tentou implementá-la em sua fábrica. Para um gerente de produção, OEE é quase tão importante quanto sua taxa de crédito nos bancos, índice de massa corporal ou qual o custo do material escolar dos filhos. Ele carrega a simplicidade de ser um número único e isso é ótimo. No entanto, há muitas armadilhas a serem evitadas ao usar isto em sua fábrica para saber se você está fazendo bem ou não. Abaixo inserimos os erros mais frequentes que os fabricantes de embalagens cometem ao usar o "número sagrado". 1. Comparar Maçãs com Bananas Por ser um único número, as pessoas tendem a usá-lo para comparar diferentes fábricas, como um método de projetar sua eficiência. Este é um jogo perigoso, por algumas razões: Nem todas as empresas calculam OEE da mesma forma. Na verdade, se você perguntar a 10 gerentes de produção como eles calculam o OEE, você obterá 11 respostas diferentes. Algumas excluem a manutenção preventiva dos cálculos de disponibilidade, outras excluem as férias, outras não. Os tamanhos dos lotes e…

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Without engaging operators, your digital transformation might be a huge flop

Despite automation, the rise of new technologies and the growth of industry 4.0, factories employees still play and will continue to play a key role in the industry's success. According to a Gallup study, employees in production jobs are now the least engaged compared to other sectors. This clearly shows us that the industry as a whole is still struggling to actually increase employee engagement. While industry 4.0 technologies - such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, analytics, and mobile solutions - are being implemented in manufacturing plants around the world to transform manufacturing processes, little has been done to transform the employee experience. For years and years, managers for all kinds of industries have been trying to implement new processes and tools based on their own decisions and ways. And I can assure you this is one of the most common problems when companies are trying to get into new approaches and technologies. Usually, those who make a decision are those who are not going to effectively will use the new tech/process. To really achieve great results in digital transformation, the industry sector must bring the operators to the center of this discussion. And by saying this,…

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Measuring OEE on packaging lines: SCADA or a MES? Maybe none!

What technology do I need to measure the efficiency of my packaging manufacturing lines automatically? SCADA? For many people, SCADA (Supervisory, Control and Data Acquisition System) is the first kind of system that comes to mind when thinking about a shop floor software. And indeed SCADA systems are quite flexible and therefore can supply custom demands a manufacturing plant. But when talking about OEE (Overall Equipment Efficiency - see more here ), there are several key points to have in mind. OEE is strongly dependent on counters and unlike other time-series variables such as temperature and speed, counters only make sense when you consider the value within a time-frame. Usually it will be shift, day, week and jobs. So analysing performance of a job means aggregate the counter increment within the job period. And there are several other characteristics that add complexity to the case: when is counter reset on the PLC? How to get a fast query response of total production during a shift if the counter was reset during this period? How to get quick response on reports for longer periods, such as month to month? The challenge is no longer on how many tags and displays…

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How to track downtime in your packaging manufacturing line in 7 steps

Understand how often and why your packaging line is stopping Knowing how often your production line is stopping is one of the most important single things a production manager can do to start improving productivity. This comes before OEE, for two simple reasons: downtime is an actionable metric and easy to understand. There is a lot of theory as to how to do that. It is covered by Total Productive Maintenance (TPM), Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma. Although it is important to understand the theory and we encourage you to study it, what we see in reality is that what most companies need is an easy-to-use and effective system. Therefore, we divide this into 7 steps. The reliability of information is the number one priority when it comes to data. People do not use the number they do not trust. And time is a difficult one to track without an automatic system. It’s easy to measure (you just need a stopwatch, right?), but it’s difficult to track. Many companies ask their operators to log downtime on a spreadsheet. “Every time the machine stops, you ‘just’ have to write down when it stopped and for how long.” That…

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7 Biggest Mistakes Packaging Factories Make With OEE

OEE + Packaging Manufacturers + Challenges Every production manager is familiar with OEE (an abbreviation for the manufacturing metric Overall Equipment Effectiveness) and has tried to implement it in their factory. For a production manager, OEE is almost as important as his or her credit rate, body mass index or golf handicap. It carries the simplicity of being a single number and this is great. However, there are many traps to avoid when using this in your factory to know if you are doing it right or not. Below we would be outlining the most frequent mistakes packaging manufacturers make when using the “holy number”. 1. Comparing Apples To Bananas Since it is a single number, people tend to use it to compare different factories, as a method of comparing their efficiency. This is a dangerous game, for some reasons: Not all companies calculate OEE the same way. Actually, if you ask 10 production managers how they calculate OEE, you will get 11 different answers. Some exclude preventive maintenance from the availability calculations, others exclude holidays others don’t. Batch sizes and process inherent particularities can hugely affect OEE. Take for example a film extrusion line compared to cosmetic plastic…

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