Packaging Trends For 2021

PackIOT is preparing the second webinar of a cycle dedicated to debate the transformation and digitalization of the Packaging industry. 

This time, our guests will discuss the Packaging Trends for 2021, on the 16th of December at 4PM GMT.

Expect a top panel discussion of international stakeholders located in Portugal, Spain, Netherlands, USA and Australia!

Find Out Who Are Our Guests!

Let us introduce our guest speakers, a panel of international stakeholders highly experienced in the packaging industry.


Entrepreneur in the Industry 4.0 and IoT context. He has a vast experience in the manufacturing environment around the world. His goal is he to help companies to have a better understanding of their metrics and be more efficient with modern software and analytics solutions. PackIOT is a startup aiming to help packaging manufacturers to be more efficient. PackIOT uses a solution based in Software as a Service (SaSs) to collect data from production lines and transform it into insights, upon which CEOs, plant managers and especially operators can make better decisions.

President At PPC Packaging

Brandon is passionate about sustainable packaging and works closely with brands to navigate, discover, and develop packaging that is innovative, effective, and affordable. Brandon is President of Pacific Packaging Components (P.P.C., Inc) a 50 year old packaging distributor based in Los Angeles, President of the Southern California chapter for the Institute of Packaging Professionals, serves on the Industry Advisory Council for the National Association of Container Distributors, is an active member of the Sustainable Packaging Coalition, and serves on the Credo Clean Beauty Council as Sustainable Packaging Expert.

President of World Packaging Organization

Pierre Pienaar’s interest in packaging started in 1984 while studying pharmacy after which he joined a pharmaceutical manufacturing company for 13 years, during this time he worked in packaging development and production management. He has been National Chairman of the South African Institute of Packaging (IPSA), as well as President of the Australian Institute of Packaging (AIP). He is now the Education Director for the AIP and President of the World Packaging Organization.

Managing Director of AIPIA

Eef is strongly focused on specialist target groups and analyzing markets and their needs. With over 25 years of experience, de Ferrante has a background in the creation and development of services for many industries, including Logistics. He was the Managing Director for Intelligent Transport Systems Europe (ITS Europe) and his entrepreneurial insight has enabled AIPIA to grow rapidly and become a key information and networking hub for the sector.

Corporate Communication at Packaging Cluster

The Packaging Cluster groups more than 100 active members between companies, knowledge centers and entities representing the entire value chain of the packaging industry. The main objective of the Packaging Cluster is to help to improve the competitiveness of the companies that make it, in order to generate more and better business for companies and organizations in the world of packaging. This improvement comes from the promotion of networking, knowledge and business, which are worked by six strategic axes which have an annual plan of activities to reinforce and consolidate their respective actions.

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