data science as a service

We help you to make sense out of your data

Let's build a strategy

Unlocking the power of data starts with a clear understanding of what goals you want to achieve.

Let's understand the structure

Do you know what data do you have? Are they accurate? Is your data being stored and transferred in the right way?

Let's use your data

We want to help quickly and easily discover information that will help you take better decisions in your business.

are these challenges familiar to you?

You might have started, but are you in the right direction?

People usually want to create data-lakes with all possible data expecting that AI will consume that and start bringing value to it... But this is a big mistake because AI is not ready to handle unprepared data.

Data needs to be prepared

First of all, you need to adopt a concise data-model. How are you going to structure your assets? Is a line the same thing as a machine? What is a group of lines? Which types of entities can carry information?

Do you want to improve the way you use your factory's data?


CEOs and Owners

to increase EBITDA on one or several plants.

COOs and Industrial Managers

to get your factory under control and increase efficiency.

CIOs and IT Managers

to support you with AI, ML integrations, dashboards and development on demand.