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Trends and useful resources on IIOT, Industry 4.0, Digital Transformation and much more

Free webinar packiot talks

Find Out which packaging trends will mark 2021 with five experts in Portugal, Spain, Netherlands, Usa and Australia!

Digital Maturity Assessment

How Digital Mature Is Your Factory?

OEE Calculator_Cover cópia

Free oee calculator for the packaging industry

Start tracking your productivity

Free guide: packaging production metrics

15 KPIs you should track in your Factory

Video: turn spreadsheet into a dashboard

How do you craft a production dashboard in my plant using Excel?

White Paper: Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation for Packaging Manufacturers

Covid-19 :Guia de saúde e segurança

manual a Para Fábricas que não podem parar

Covid-19: Practical Guidelines for Factories

How To Keep Your Company In A Safe/Healthy Mode

Case: Packaging Factory Efficiency Increasing

How a packaging manufacturer increased $144k in capacity?


Solving The Challenge Of Tracking Production Lines That Are Spatially Divided

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