Simple and easy IoT solution to boost shop floor efficiency, reduce costs and help decision making

An easy installation.

Great usability.

A CustomizABLE product.

A remote service.

Start collecting and analyzing your data in real time with our plug-and-play cloud based production software. All of this with our unique 2 days installation process

are these challenges familiar to you?



→ Up to 80% of time reduction in manual data logging

70% faster reaction to downtime

ROI in weeks, not years

Immediate identification of bottle necks

User-centric software, generating value for everyone 

98% of engagement on the platform

Do you want to improve the quality
of your factory data?


start building an outstanding efficient future with our UNIQUE software

Business Alignment

Our mission is to help you to achieve your business KPIs.

Installation and System Setup

With your inputs, we bring your needs and parameters into PackIOT, all remotely.

Deployment and Training

Our gateway gets connected to your existing PLC’s and in only 2 days PackIOT is running. No local servers needed!

Constant Improvement

Our Customer Service team will be always available to help you get insights from your data and drive improvements.


All downtime motives available to everyone. Operators love it!


Understand where is the biggest potential of improvement in your factory.


Automatically track your scrap rates.


Identify your bottle necks and act upon them.

Automatic Alerts

Get an SMS if your line is down for over a certain period.

Change over tracking

Know how long your setup is taking and improve it.



We can easily plug our product with world class services providers.


Some questions you might have.

PackIOT can be integrated with MES and ERP systems. We can export data from predefined formats, which can be imported and connected to existing systems. For example, the information on POs can be imported to PackIOT’s system through CSV documents, or by integrating with the current one which already carries this information.

Depending on how many lines you have and in how many sensors per line you will need, you will need one or more of the following: TVs for the lines, CLPs and Raspberry Pi Kits to connect to our cloud, and tablets for the operators.

With our software, you will be able to have information about the OEE of your factory, the scrap rates of your lines/machines, how are the numbers of production every day, week and month, for how long did the machines stop.

Our software does not require any kind of special customization, which means that we can offer a low-cost solution which is plug and play, with no need of having someone at the factory for a long time to install and train people.

Our implementation process takes about two months, from the moment we start discussing the first details, until the moment we have everything set to start running PackIOT at your factory.

Yes, besides getting data from the PLC it is also possible to use existing sensors from machines. The signals are then sent to an additional PLC (programmed by PackIOT) and then processed. Normally two signals by machine are enough: one of input, reading parts being fed into the machine , and one of output, reading the amount of good parts being produced.