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Our manifesto. How we will make a difference in the manufacturing industry?

The world is full of smart people, full of successful companies, full of great products, so why did we have to create a new one? The manufacturing industry has been carrying the economy of the world on its shoulders for the past 200 years. It has made it possible for families to get out of poverty. Yes, it surely had its share in creating a lot of trouble too, such as pollution and some degree of concentration of wealth. But no one should doubt that the industry has brought us here where we are: the most prosperous age of humanity.

However, we are in the middle of a new revolution, the digital revolution, and the manufacturing industry is being left behind. In the eyes of our youngsters, in the eyes of our society, the industry is not exactly the most desired place to work. Who’s to blame? Not the society, not the government and surely not the youngsters. For the sake of “industrial secrets”, manufacturing companies have closed their doors to the world, living as islands and time has passed. The internet came, social networks appeared and the manufacturing industry was there, protecting secrets on their island. Suddenly, information became a commodity and industrial secrets were no guarantee of success anymore. We do know that companies need to protect their competitive advantages, and the really matter. But we also know that this has been overrated in the past decades. And maybe this behavior has prevented companies to learn with each other.
In the meantime, manufacturing industries became obsolete. Not technologically obsolete, since many research institutions around the world are still producing great automation technologies, but it’s socially obsolete. Many of them still believe in hierarchy. Many of them do not share knowledge and still believe that workers don’t need a purpose to be engaged with and will do their best just because they have been told to do so.
(Un)fortunately, there is no room for that anymore. Any machine operator carries a smartphone on his/her pocket nowadays, connecting with people, using 100 different apps that are easy to use and that make them feel part of something. And when they arrive at their work in a factory what happens? They have to work with archaic, ugly software, that they use just because it’s his/her job, not because it delivers something good to him/her.

Meanwhile, production managers and CEOs are ruling on their islands and at the same time are unsatisfied with their numbers. First, because they do not know what their real numbers are and second because they do not know what is possible, what others are making around the world.

It doesn’t have to be like that. When your workers feel engaged and have all the information they need to do their work, they perform well, they deliver and they can be the best version of themselves. Instead of waiting (for the spreadsheet, for the meeting, for the numbers), they can just feel responsible for their work and act upon it. When people feel part of something greater than themselves, they give their best. We believe that vision and good software can help to enable that change.
This is a long contextualization, but an important one that empowers us to position ourselves as a company that makes a difference. In order to achieve that, PackIOT’s commitment is to:
  • build great, user-centric software, respecting everyone and generating value for everyone in the company;
  • support companies to make data-driven decisions based on information they can trust;
  • have a deep technical understanding challenges of our customers, even when we accept that they are the real technical; specialists. We help them make the right questions and together we build better processes that improve efficiency;
  • help manufacturing industries to be more open to the world, sharing know-how and learning from others;
  • help industry workers to feel more part of the solution, to have more ownership and to see the value of their contribution;
  • respect and celebrate the differences, both of people, cultures and opinions;
  • help people to connect, inside their companies and with other companies;
  • foster the use of real-time data to improve communication and transparency in relations inside the companies;
  • protect customers data with high standards of IT Security.
That’s our vision and what we believe in.
Cristiano Wuerzius, PackIOT CEO.