case study

1. About C-Pack

C-Pack is a reference in Latin America in the production of extruded plastic tubes for the cosmetics, pharmaceutical, food, and industrial sectors. Its production park is one of the most modern in Latin America, with high technology and performance equipment.

From Brazil, but with global presence, C-Pack is constantly making investments in research and development to offer the market innovative solutions that meet the boldest goals of performance, cost, and packaging economy.

case C-PACK

Bringing IoT, Real-Time Production Analysis and Operational Efficiency at C-Pack

“After PackIOT, everything started working so much faster and more fluidly, too. We brought agility into the factory with decisions taken in real time with solid data. Making decisions with this kind of data is much easier.”
Augusto Oliveira
Industrial Director At C-Pack

2. improving efficiency

C-Pack started talking about efficiency and continuous improvement many years ago, and at the beginning those processes were implemented on paper. Back there, the company needed a huge labor force to implement continuous improvement, lean manufacturing, timing setup time, and machinery stoppage time. In addition, the technical team and engineers spent an enormous amount of time in a manual service to record and transport data. When you start capturing data in an automated way, you have a greater confidence in that data, then your whole technical team starts spending more time in the analysis and thinking about new solutions.

3. Getting rid of paper

Before PackIOT, everything was done on paper. Shop floor operators spent a lot of time writing all the information in the production diary. And now they can point out and have access to the data both on the computer and on the tablet.

Shop floor operators can control, in real time, their day to day production, the amount they have already done, and for example the amount of scrap that was produced from a production order. 

All the stops are pointed out, and everyone has access to the information on the screens.

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