case study

1. About granado

Founded in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in 1870, Granado Pharmácias is one the most traditional cosmetics and drug company in Brazil. With concept stores in Brazil, Paris, and also an online store that serves all of Europe, Granado has a deep knowledge about the properties of medicinal plant extracts and oils is, until today, the basis for the development of new products.

Granado has always been ahead of all digital transformation processes, and they decided that it was time to implement a production analytics software on the production lines of their 30 thousand square meters located in the city of Japeri, state of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.


How PackIOT Helped A Modern Industry With Real Time Data Collection

2. implementation

It took only two weeks for Granado to have access to the data of their main production line. Granado had a great urgency to have their production line data and according to Tatiane Stoeterau, Industrial Manager, the process ran in a very smooth way.

“The software implementation process was very good due to the speed that we were able to implement. And I think that was one of the greatest points of PackIOT. Granado handled a significant challenge to the company, given our urgency in having the data, and PackIOT was able to implement the software in Granado’s main line in a short period of time.”
Jean Kawaoka
Engineering Manager at Granado
“PackIOT arrival improved a lot to simplify the process. We managed to reduce bureaucracy a lot. As a matter of fact, Packiot brought to Granado a very visual, playful, and friendly way to talk about performance to the shop floor.”
Rodrigo Monteiro
Industrial Director at Granado

3. results

Granado’s data collection process and analysis was manual and very slow for the production volume they had: using WhatsApp for communication and manual filling spreadsheets. After the implementation, they can, by cell phone or tablet, have access to all information on the production line.