Real-time data that led to the best decision making in production

How Neopac solved the challenge of tracking production lines at different locations and obtaining real-time data

About Neopac


Packaging in the pharmaceutical, cosmetics, and dental industries must satisfy the most stringent of requirements in terms of hygiene and safety as well as aesthetics plus ease of use. Neopac is a leading packaging manufacturer of Polyfoil®, PE, and COEX tubes for 1 – 300 ml capacities with production sites in Switzerland and Hungary.

Quick facts

ISO 9001
BRC/IoP GS 5.0
PSO ISO 12647-7


540 million tubes/year

why Did they invest on a production analytics software?


Neopac has different production lines that are physically apart. Because of this it was very difficult to keep an overview of production and get the right information on which to base decisions to improve production. In order to solve this problem and get the right data in real time they have decided to head to a “production analytics solution”, hiring PackIOT cloud software. 

Key Facts and Operational Results

2 days installation

For Neopac, the installation in such a short time was a major advantage for the choice. The company quickly began to receive powerful insights from production.

main kpis tracking

We follow scrap/quality, time/duration targets, as well as line speed and production rate. With the PackIOT system, we immediately get an overview of these metrics. (by Hans-Jürg Zurfluh, Production Manager at Neopac Switzerland)

tailor made reports

In addition to the vital production parameters, Neopac needed some customized reports for its lines. PackIOT’s team of specialists was able to produce custom made dashboards for the company, which has relevant data updated in real time.

We are confident that PackIOT is the right system and the right partner for Neopac. Why are we convinced? Because I think it is uncomplicated, it is fast in response time, we can use tailored/customized solutions that are created exactly in the format we need. We create a good foundation for Neopac. 

Hans-Jürg Zurfluh

Production Manager, Neopac Switzerland