Is it possible to hire a remote service from a software consulting company?

Hi, I hope you are doing well. Maybe you remember that another time we've talked about some traps to avoid when building your own production metrics system. As a helpful content blog (that's our main goal), we want to talk about other situations that you might face when trying to get more insights from your factory data: how to hire a software company? Or, more specifically, how to hire a remote software company? In 2017, an International Labor Organization study entitled "Working anytime, anywhere: The effects on the world of work" brought interesting data on remote work and how this model is changing the format for hiring companies, professionals and project teams. This study shows that in the US, 37 percent of all workers report that they "teleworked" in 2015, which rose slightly from 30 percent during the previous decade. This proportion is four times higher than 9% of workers who did so in 1995 (Gallup, 2014; Gallup, 2016). This guide wants to help you to be aware of different parts of the buying process, starting from the searching and finishing with the project deployment. What is a remote software company, in this context? We will consider…

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Digital transformation for manufacturing: back to basics

Digital Transformation is one of the most highlighted buzzwords of this age (industry 4.0 age, we mean). But the concept can accept a lot of situations above its umbrella. Currently, digital transformation can be applied to a variety of things. The concept is broad and ends up being used by people, companies, governments, and organizations. An important report from PWC (with companies from 26 countries) shows a total of US$907 bn in annual digital investments - yearly. But, let's get started from the beginning. What is digital transformation Digital Transformation can be defined as a phenomenon that incorporates the use of digital technology to traditional problem-solving. Thus, it encompasses procedural changes in different spheres of society: this transformation modifies the paradigm of the use of technology, for example, in the following areas: government, economy, labor market, education, medicine, arts, science, global communication, among others. In addition, digital transformation has the capacity to increase integration between different sectors of society, being applied to issues related to public administration problems, for instance. Digital evolution index (Harvard Busines Review) The matter is so important that Harvard Business Review has created its own "Digital Evolution Index". This index is presented in…

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Remote monitoring of machinery and devices is a groundbreaking opportunity for OEMs

Day after day, it's becoming easier to realize that IoT has been transforming the way manufacturers identify and solve problems on the shop floor. And one of the most important partners to achieve this goal is wireless solutions (such as wi-fi, 3g 4g, and 5g connections). After that, all the features of connected devices have been developing a fantastic job to increase productivity, reduce costs and make the life of machine builders easier on this matter.  For them (and of course, their customers), decision making for machine maintenance is often based on a reactive, not proactive attitude. This means that hours or days are lost on both sides when a problem occurs, especially in a more distant factory. The above case is quite common and happens in most relationships between factories and OEMs. And this can become a real headache. But there are a few options to avoid this problem. For instance, by remotely monitoring different machine components, OEMs can detect excess vibration before it causes unplanned downtime (and this is a great operation advantage). Besides vibration, sensors also can send temperature, presence, and general performance data to a wireless logic controller or PLC for collection and…

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Read more about the article Coronavirus in Manufacturing: 3 reliable guides to help you dealing with Covid-19 (and keep people healthy)
Coronavirus Disease 2019 Graphic. (U.S. Air Force Graphic by Rosario "Charo" Gutierrez)

Coronavirus in Manufacturing: 3 reliable guides to help you dealing with Covid-19 (and keep people healthy)

This is a quick post. We've been seen a lot of companies having problems dealing with the Coronavirus Outbreak. And we are here trying to make our part in this difficult time, providing reliable information.  After the World Health Organization (WHO) has declared pandemic status for Covid-19, many companies are already feeling the impact. And of course, the manufacturing industry has been affected by this crisis. Far beyond the economic impacts mentioned in the news, the most important thing is to take care of people's health, whether in the factory, the office or home. That's why we've selected 3 links from trustworthy sources to help you spread important information in your company on how to keep people healthy (or how to act in case someone tests positive for Coronavirus). We really hope that the guides can be relevant for you, your team, co-workers, and relatives. Interim Guidance for Businesses and Employers (by CDC) The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has published a major document on this matter, and will update this interim guidance as needed and as additional information becomes available. CDC has been working across the Department of Health and Human Services and across…

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Packaging news and trends: 10 sites and blogs to follow

Being up to date is one of the best ways to keep you and your factory in good shape of productivity, efficiency and high performance. Besides courses, events and benchmarking, another good way to get new pieces of information is to follow specialized packaging news and trend websites. To help you with this journey, our content team has prepared a list with 10 packaging blogs and sites that worth a look. For obvious reasons, we are not to mention our own blog (you are here already) :). 1- Packaging Europe Packaging Europe (magazine and website) is the leading intelligence resource for European packaging professionals. It delivers daily news content, authoritative comment and analysis, case studies and high-profile interviews with the leading players inside the packaging industry. Packaging Europe connects early adopters, technologists, and buyers across the packaging value chain with the latest innovations in technology, materials, and manufacturing processes. 2 - OPN OPN Platform is an innovative B2B planet-friendly packaging digital Platform made to connect buyers and sellers directly, as well as to close a deal in few clicks - instead of a month's or year's time - to provide an end-to-end supply chain, improve sales procurement…

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How to gather and manage data (from teams and assets)?

Written by Infraspeak team! We live in the era of Industry 4.0, which is the revolutionary digitalization of manufacturing that involves Big Data, which is the concept that studies all the data gathered and managed. And managing and generating data are a crucial part of this process in all companies.  Why generate data? A well-run, efficient and productive company relies on data to achieve greater goals. But why? Well, there are a lot of perks in doing that: Decision-making One of the toughest and more stressful tasks leans on decision-making. Insecurities creep in and the human mind gets in the way. And how to avoid this situation? Analytics and data. By generating data, decision-making almost becomes a mathematical and analytical question. Depending on the industry, data can reveal essential intel regarding your own company, the field in general or global traits that can boost its efficiency. Harnessing data can, for example, help you find and retain new clients, improve your customer experience, predict new trends, enhance your marketing strategy and even track social media and its potential. Problem-solving Besides relieving you of making hard decisions on your own, it also helps you with solving problems. No company…

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