What is PackML and how can it help packaging companies and OEMs?

When I first heard about PackML, I understood it as a set of states and concepts to model how machines present themselves and behave, and thus, helping different machines from diverse OEMs to easily integrate and work together as a single line. But as I started to dive deeper into it, I can now say that PackML is much more than a definition for communication between machines and software. PackML Interface State Model - Source: OMAC What is PackML? So what is PackML then? PackML is short for Packaging Machine Language and it is an industry-standard for the control and monitoring of packaging machines as an area of OT - Operational Technology and industrial automation. From the 3 main categories that comprise the Manufacturing Automation Industry: Continuous, Batch, and Discrete control, PackML focuses on the last 2 and although it was primarily created for the packaging industry, its definition is valid for any discrete process.  It was created by OMAC  Organization for Machine Automation and Control in conjunction with the International Society of Automation (ISA). Both entities were working on separate definitions until it was merged in 2008.  Although it dates from over 10 years ago, it…

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