Digital Maturity in the Packaging Industry Benchmark Report

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PackIOT decided to create a Benchmark Report to understand how digital mature are the packaging manufacturers around the globe. The goal of this benchmark report is to help the packaging industries to have a better understanding of itself during the journey through Digital Transformation.

If the Digital Transformation could be defined as the attempt of companies and businesses to use technology and tools to innovate certain processes and products within the enterprise environment, the Digital Maturity would be the stage that the company is during this transformation.

A digital mature organization is more prepared to respond and take advantage of technological innovations.  And that is why you should get a full understanding of what is your stage of Digital Maturity and where you are among the whole packaging industries.

To build a complete report, we are approaching themes like:

  • the importance of a transparent, easy and accessible information flow inside the factory;
  • how involving people with different specializations in specific projects can bring success to your company;
  • real-time data collection to see the trends, get insights and identify what is harming the manufacturing proccess;
  • using the fast information flow to act upon unexpected problems in a short period of time;
  • and to have a complete overview of your shop floor through softwares and metrics.

The questions are nothing to be afraid of and the answers to the benchmark report will be grouped anonymously.

So, let’s be one of thousands of specialists from the industry to to collaborate with digital transformation. Help us build the 1st Global Benchmark Report in Packaging.

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