Online Packaging Events And Webinars: The Ultimate List Of 2020

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Traditionally, the packaging industry has a strong culture of events and tradeshows. That’s where engineers, marketing and sales professionals, account managers, and executives meet to keep an eye on the latest news. But, as you know, the pandemic caused by Covid-19 has changed a lot in this sector (and in almost all others). Face-to-face packaging events are increasingly rare and the whole industry has had to reinvent itself. And this was a good opportunity to migrate a bit from trade shows to the digital environment.

To help you get organized, we’ve created a list of the main packaging events. It’s a live catalogue and we’ll always update it so you can stay on top of the news.


Online Events 

Webpackaging LIVE – The virtual Packaging Exhibition

The virtual exhibition of Webpackaging LIVE starts on the 1st of September. You will have access to the showcases for three months and it can be a great opportunity for you to acquire leads and contacts of other companies who are visiting the online event as well. While the event is running, you will be able to discover and explore new packaging products that were developed by the companies who are present at the show. Thanks to a 3D technology developed by webpackaging, you will have the chance to explore the exhibition as if it was just right in front of you.

You can already buy your tickets and request more information, by sending an email to the following adress:

To visit the website of the event, click on the following link:


iPackEXPO – №1 Packaging Online Trade Show

iPackEXPO is currently running since the 1st of June, and will keep on going until the end of the year, 31st of December. You can find tickets from 19$, which give you a 24h access, to 4999$, which allow you to attend the entire event. The event is an online trade show, where you will be able to know diverse products that are out on the market.

To buy your tickets and get more information about the event, click on the following link:


Virtual Food Show 

The Virtual Food Show is a trade fair for users and manufacturers of food processing, packaging and distribution solutions. The event organized by Orbit Exhibitors Pvt Ltd, is taking place online for the first time. You will have the chance to attend to talks where speakers will present the different challenges there are currently being faced on the industry. The event is running on the 31st of July and the tickets are 6,65$ for domestic visitors and 25$ for international visitors.
Click on the following link for more information:

AIPIA Virtual Congress

This congress has a main focus: how can we take advantage of the use of active and intelligent packaging solutions. The talks will be related to the different innovations that are coming up on sectors like Cosmetics, Pharmaceutical, Food, Drink and other related industries. The event takes place online, on the 10th of September. The ticket price range varies between 295€ and 3569,50€.

To register on the event and to know more information, click on the link:

Pack For Change Summit

Pack For Change Summit is an event organized by Wabel and consists of two days of pre-scheduled B2B smart meetings, that brings together buyers and suppliers from the packaging industry. The meetings last for 20 minutes and will be held online but in private. This event will be running on the 21st and 22nd of October.

Click on the following link for more details:

Online Webinars

Sustainable & Resealable Flexible Lidding Solutions for Fresh Fruits & Vegetables (Produce)

This free webinar is available on-demand, so you can watch it whenever you want. To do it, you just have to register on their page to watch it. Speakers are running the event and will approach several topics related to resealable and flexible packaging: what are its advantages, which options are out there in the market, a collaboration of two companies which together came up with solutions to fill some gaps of resealable lidding packaging.

To get access to the webinar, click on the following link:


EcoDesign: the importance of manufacturing sustainable products

The webinar is around the eco-design topic: what it is, how important it is to integrate environmental features into the design and the development of a product and which are its benefits. The event is free and will take place online on the 22nd of July.

To register, click on the following link:


Automated packaging for e-commerce, a solid pillar for growth

2020 is demanding from e-commerce like never before. On this webinar, you will have the opportunity to hear about how important is to have tailor-made packages for e-commerce, how security is an important matter to take into account, how it is possible to come up with solutions to optimize packaging spatially, or how can we reach a packaging process automation in e-commerce. This event is on-demand, so to access it you just have to register.

Click on the following link to go directly to the event:


How do we make flexible plastic packaging part of the circular economy?

The circular economy is growing and will certainly be the future of our economical system. This webinar addresses how recycling should be taken into account when it comes to designing new packaging solutions. This event is free and on-demand.

To register and assist, click on the following:


Tackling the challenges in Food packaging

If you want to know more about the advances made in food packaging systems as a response to the current consumer’s expectations, this is the right event for you. Several topics about the food sector will be discussed, as well as how EU is coming up with strategies concerning the usage of plastics. The webinar will take place online, on the 28th of July.

To register to the event, click on the link:

Pharma Packaging and Technical Operations MasterClass

If you work in the pharmaceutical field this is the right webinar for you. You will hear about the essential requirements of pharma and healthcare packages, how to control counterfeiting of medicinal products packaging, and the processes of labelling and packaging. The Masterclass happens online, on the 13th and 14th of August and it’s free.

Click on the following link to get your place:


E-commerce Packaging For Dangerous Goods

The COVID-19 pandemic brought a lot of challenges along with itself, and one of the areas that had to redefine their working strategy, were the transportation companies. The most important factor to have in mind in e-commerce packaging is the protection of the product that it carries. If you want to know more about how dangerous goods are carried and how the industry is evolving with new solutions for the shipping of dangerous goods, you should attend this webinar. It’s a free online event that will take place on the 8th of September.
Click on the link to register: