Only 18% of packaging industries are able to track productivity in real time – research says

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Much is being said about the future of the packaging industry and the impacts of digital transformation. But few analysts and experts have been able to substantiate the trends or comment on them. This was PackIOT’s intention in conducting the first international survey of digital maturity in the packaging industry, developed with the support of the Instituto das Emabalagens (BR), People From Packaging (USA), and Packaging 360 (India).

The report reveals that more than half of the packaging producing industries are unable to pinpoint, in real-time, where bottlenecks are on the production line. The market analysis was attended by more than 150 packaging industry professionals from over 25 countries and concludes that 12% of companies say that identifying bottlenecks and analyzing correct data is a real struggle for them. And the data mentioned in the headline of this article was one of the most striking. 82% of packaging industries cannot track productivity in real-time.

The study also shows that two out of three companies have no means of monitoring and tracking their plants’ productivity and OEE goals in real-time. Half of the industries only have access to this information at certain times.

The OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) is one of the main metrics that allow the monitoring of equipment performance, as it analyzes equipment availability, performance, and quality. It is worth noting that industries that use cloud-based solutions, 63% of respondents, have better control of their plant production metrics such as OEE, setup time, and waste rates compared to industries that do not use cloud solutions. These respondents said they use manual processes for data collection at a rate four times higher than companies with cloud solutions.


In the spirit of educating the market more about digital transformation, the digital maturity report is free for anyone to access, and you can download the full analysis at the link below.

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