Digital Maturity in the Packaging Industry has a long way to go, tells international report

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To help people better understand how dig into Industry 4.0 and Digital Transformation the Packaging Industry is, PackIOT developed a new study called Digital Maturity in the Packaging Industry. We invited people, from 28 different countries, to describe their packaging factories, data collection and data analysis processes, the metrics and KPIs they follow and softwares they use.

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In particular, we were interested in understanding what is the level of digital maturity that the packaging industry is experiencing. We also asked what kind of softwares and tools they have in the factories: ERP, MES, Production Analytics, PLCs. And what kind of production insights they are able to access with those tools.

We discovered that the survey findings’ identifies a lot of room for improvement in the Packaging Industry. Companies struggle to identify their bottlenecks and to keep track of their OEE. Automatic data collection is not a trend yet, goals are not openly discussed and few plants know if they are on track on planned downtimes.

I want to see the full report! You will also be able to compare your plant to others based on the number of employees.

Some other insights that we can take from the survey:

  • A cloud based software helps you to have a better awareness of your industry;
  • Manual data collection rates in companies without cloud solutions ir more than four times higher than in companies with cloud solutions;
  • Companies with a low level of digital maturity do not have good numbers on data collection, data transparency and in their KPIs;
  • Even companies with a high level of digital maturity do not use their data properly;
  • Factories with a production analytics software have the best numbers.

Everyone is talking about Industry 4.0 today. Many agree it must happen, but few know what this jargon really means or even know where to start. The Internet of Things (IoT) and Analytics can show a path to Digital Transformation within the Manufacturing Industry. Whilst going towards digital transformation might seem hard, there are simple steps that the packaging industry can take and prepare to experience the Industry 4.0. CEOs, Plant Managers, Shift Leaders and Operators, are now able to create the right environment for success.

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