Real-Time in Packaging: The 4 Main Advantages For Tube Manufacturers

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By Mariana Costa, Marketing Specialist at PackIOT

If the idea of having pilots, air traffic controllers or managers relying on data collected hours ago is utterly scary to us. So, what makes us think that it is actually a viable solution to apply the same strategy to a tube manufacturing company? I know what you’re thinking… “such a dramatic example!”. Well, it is…. But it might be what is exactly needed to understand the importance of real-time data monitoring vs data collected on paper and excel spreadsheets.

Tube manufacturing plants that don’t adopt real-time data are always one step behind of fixing their problems or even of finding out they have one.


This is what your tube manufacturing business can get with real-time data:

1_Better people management

By monitoring the systems it is possible to obtain immediate information regarding the distribution of employees in the different sectors of the company. At the same time, updated information on their availability is also given. No doubt about it… this makes everything a lot easier when thinking about how to manage a team and how to optimize the work of employees towards higher collective income.

2_Identify business opportunities at the right time

Real-time monitoring means you will be able to identify opportunities at the exact time they appear. Consequently, you will be able to use this competitive advantage on your daily basis and stay one step ahead of your competitors. For example, a fluctuation in demand might indicate the need to launch a specific campaign, increase sales and improve results. .

3_Better decision making

Information is power and the more you have, at the right time, the easier it will be to make the right decisions for your business. Real-time analysis will provide you all the necessary inputs so that you can decide on the best course to take. Reports with a few days late do not match the current state of the company and, consequently, decisions based on those will, most likely, be inappropriate and non beneficial to the business. You can change this scenario just by having more reliable information in your hands at any given moment!

4_Alerts and quick response

Besides what has been said above, you will also have the option to set up business alerts so that you are notified. These notifications will happen whenever there is a deviation from what is considered normal within your business. At any given moment, you have the possibility of being notified about any changes by SMS, push notifications or e-email. This is very important as it gives you the possibility to take action immediately, even before damage is caused to the organization. There is no need to be looking for information and taking hours to analyze it when it can come to you automatically and effortlessly.

Do you know from where the main inefficiencies in your production are coming and how prepared is your organization to adopt a real-time data collection strategy?

Let’s talk and discuss this exciting topic in more detail! We will be happy to help you minimize waste, improve process quality, reduce production time and overall cost. Let’s do it together!