Handling time-series workloads in IIoT by Mario Ishikawa

Learn more about how to better handle Industrial IoT with PackIOT's CTO and Co-Founder Mario G. Ishikawa. Mario talks about what is IIoT, how important is time-series in IIoT, the benefits of transforming data into useful information through Industry 4.0, important Timescale resources and some benchmark numbers to compare data processing from 10 sensors in a month. Then he wraps up the talk by answering questions like: why people would still use IIoT specific databases nowadays; what is the hard part of using Timescale for IIoT; how to model the database when you do no know beforehand how many or which sensor you are going to monitor.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v-FxD0bbN38

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