How Data will change the Manufacturing Industry

A quiet revolution is happening There is a quiet revolution going on. In some places, it is already beginning to cause some rumors, while in others—in manufacturing plants, for example—it is much less heard of (perhaps due to the noise of the machines running). Entire industries are being disrupted in a very short time: In five years, Uber has greater market value than General Motors, and Airbnb is worth more than Accor hotels without owning a single hotel room (U $ 31Bi versus $ 15Bi). And this is happening due to speed, shifting paradigms, and especially the ability to make data-driven decisions. I have visited around 97 factories in my life (the number broken proves credibility), and perhaps half of them (you can choose the "bigger half" or "smaller half") have been packaging factories. The other half were in the automotive industry. In the past ten years I’ve been to manufacturing plants in Latin America, USA, Europe and Asia. I’ve seen spectacular plants (C-Pack in Brazil, BMW in Munich and ALUCON in Thailand amongst the most impressive ones) and have also seen plants where operators seemed to be working in a bunker, unaware that World War II…

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